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May 31, 2014

C17 Ewing Sarcoma Research Project Update - May 2014
C17 explains the Ewing sarcoma research project update and what biological differences underlie the ability of these more aggressive Ewing sarcoma cells to successfully metastasize?
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Nov 15, 2013

Research project by Jason Berman and Poul Sorensen Annual update - November 2013
The most recent newsletter update from C17 Council explains the importance of investing in research, discusses new initiatives and mentions the Ewings Cancer Foundation of Canada as well as other great initiatives in cancer research.

Jason Berman and Poul Sorensen are still making great progress on this study. They have shown that Y-box binding protein 1 (YB-1) helps in the spread of cancer in Ewing sarcoma. Using several tests in the lab, they found that getting rid of YB-1 in sarcoma cells really reduced the spread of each of childhood...
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Feb 3, 2013

Ewing Sarcoma Research Project
We are making excellent progress on the Ewing cancer project in zebrafish and mouse models. We have submitted our first manuscript showing the role of the YB-1 human protein (Y Box-1 binding protein) in the spread of Ewing sarcoma. We have seen that these cancer cells spread to the tail and the lungs in both ...
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January 1, 2013

A New Partnership to Fight Ewing Sarcoma
C17 Research Council represents 16 academic pediatric oncology/haematology programs in their 17 centres across Canada. It is a network set up to encourage and develop collaborative, multi-disciplinary, multi-site, Canadian research in pediatric haematology, oncology and haematological stem cell transplantation in furthering C17's missions to improve health outcomes and quality of life for children and adolescents...
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