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The strongest love of all - REID PERNICA

Reid Pernica

It is eight years since Reid died of cancer.

He was only nineteen.
He loved to fly,
and had just earned his wings
when he got the call.

Oh yes, on the day of his funeral,
Reid witnessed the fly-past
performed by his pilot buddies
over his resting-place.
He grinned his pleasure in a sun
that suddenly appeared,
with its brilliance in full salute.

Reid has not left this world behind.
His LOVE is felt day and night
by the people who LOVE him.

His hands on their shoulders
guide them as they work,
their determination re-ignited
each time a young life is stolen
by the cancer named "Ewing sarcoma",
presently claiming too many of our youth,
in what should be their finest hours.

When hearts cry out for miracles, LOVE'S tears make them happen,
inspired by the hard work and tireless urgings of Reid's mom and dad, who, even with the loss of their son, dedicate themselves more and more to the raising of funds for research. Now, with the aid of volunteers, the involvement of affected families, and the support of others seeking an answer, LOVE rallies with one step following another, and there is no doubt that a cure will be found.

Such LOVE is selfless. In its dedication to life and mankind, Reid's action is in full performance, inspired by THE STRONGEST LOVE OF ALL.

-Fran Edelstein