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Image of Pam Medley

My story is from 30 years ago but is so much like the many other stories I am reading here today.

An otherwise healthy, active, well-adjusted child complaining of a different kind of pain. Parents who instinctively know there is something seriously wrong with their child. Months of difficult times - a roller coaster ride of hope and despair.

But I am heartened to see so many survivor stories happening today and to see that so much has been done in the last 30 years.

My daughter, Pam, was a vibrant, healthy, happy child when she was diagnosed with pelvic Ewing sarcoma at the age of 14. Pam died in Sick Kids hospital in Toronto one month after her 15th birthday - April 6th, 1987. In a tribute to her by her best friend, Stephen, in their Grade 9 yearbook, he described Pam as being one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet.

That says it all.
I'd like to share the poem she wrote and left for him after her death.
The things you do
just can't compare
to those of others
whom with I share
the joys and pains
of being alive
the countless days
I struggle to survive
Each day is new
a step of pain
each tear falls
like a drop of rain
In words and writing your kindness shines through
the tears no longer fall
my thoughts are filled with you

Pam Medley, 1972-1987
Thank you to the Ewings Cancer Foundation of Canada for providing a forum for my daughter's story. I am so grateful.

Pam's Mom - Margaret Lacastro