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Kristy-Ann Dini

Kristy-Ann was more than just the girl I imagined spending the rest of my life with. She was the love of my life, my best friend, my soul mate and my biggest source of inspiration. Ewing sarcoma has taken the best thing to ever walk into my life away from me.

A lot of people will say that love at first sight is just a fib. Those people are all wrong. The day that I first saw Kristy-Ann at work I was in love and I hadn't even ever talked to her before. I told my colleagues at work on a daily basis how beautiful I thought she was. It took me nearly a year of motivation from my friend to finally get the courage to approach Kristy-Ann and talk to her. Once I started talking to Kristy-Ann I realized how beautiful she was on the inside as well. Once we started dating I knew I had the girl of my dreams. She had brought me into a large loving family that I thought only existed in movies.

Kristy-Ann had made my life complete and I could never thank her enough. Kristy-Ann never had to tell me how much she loved me. She did anyways but she showed it in every other way as well - my big car accident, hospitalizations, my father and grandmothers funerals - Kristy-Ann never left my side and I know I wouldn't have been able to get through all my struggles without her being there for me.

The day Kristy-Ann was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma my life flashed before my eyes. I had never heard of this type of cancer before. It sounded so scary just by the name. I cried for hours until Kristy-Ann told me to stop and informed me everything was going to be fine. I felt completely useless and powerless, as I could not make this disease go away. Throughout Kristy-Ann's journey with Ewing sarcoma she always looked at the positives in life and informed everyone that it was only a bump in the road. Her journey down this horrible road turned into everyone's journey as well. Kristy-Ann has shown us no matter what obstacles lay in front of us no dream is ever unachievable. Kristy-Ann never caught an easy break. She endured repeated infections, bacteria and doctors never believing her how she felt. Her strength, courage and positive outlook on life have made everyone she had touched better and stronger in every way possible.

Kristy-Ann and I had kept a secret from everyone. We had both talked about engagement for so long. Kristy-Ann's wish was for her to be better and cleared of cancer before I asked. We were waiting for doctors to clear her of Ewing sarcoma a second time and we were hoping to make that the ultimate special day. That day now will never come. I will never have the opportunity to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. This horrible disease has taken my entire life away from me and has left a gigantic hole in my life. The only people that understand this disease are the people that are directly affected by it. Kristy-Ann's parents Bill and Bonnie are the only ones that understand the hard times I go through. This awful disease does horrible things to your heart and mind. The sights you have to see and go through from this disease are not just heartbreaking but traumatic. No one should ever have to endure and feel the pain of cancer in their lifetime.

We will find a CURE for Ewing sarcoma in our lifetime and make sure no family ever has to say goodbye to a loved one.

I love you Kristy-Ann! Fly high my inspiration! Xoxox

By: Pat Cassidy