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Joseph Gallinger

Our son Joseph was diagnosed with a pelvic Ewing Sarcoma and lung metastasis on both lungs in August of 2012. Joe was 13 years old and had a 13 cm tumour growing off of his sacrum. As of August 2013 the tumour has shrunk to about 5cm and scans still show spots on his lungs, but they could be scar tissue. Joseph finished his treatment May 10th of 2013 after aggressive chemotherapy and 41 rounds of radiation.

Joseph has an amazing sense of humour and he has been incredible during this very difficult journey. We as a family were shocked and devastated with the news of his cancer. The doctors gave him a 33% chance of surviving and that meant that 2 out of every 3 children in his condition died from it. We did have the best care and a strong faith to carry us through. It was a rough road with many unexpected tests, illnesses, and many other things along the way, but with many prayers and support from family, friends and community here we are. Joseph has started high school without a grade eight education. He is now walking after being in a wheelchair for six months. He still has some health issues but he is working towards being a normal teenager. We know that at any time this terrible disease could strike again but we are trying to live one day at a time, not looking too far forward because we don't know what the future holds.

We are thankful for The Ewings Cancer Foundation of Canada and for their dedication to researching this type of cancer. It is nice for families like ours to know that we are not the only ones going through this and that someone is raising funds and awareness to end this terrible cancer.

- Marianne Gallinger