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Our daughter Janessa was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma in early 2011 and she passed away on August 23rd, 2012. She was such a trooper; it is our medical system that failed her and our family. The length of time it takes to diagnose the cancer, lack of communication in the medical community along with not listening to the patient that I believe my daughter and the other children end up suffering unnecessarily. I do believe they are not taken as serious as they should be due to their age, which leads to a misdiagnosed cause as the cancer continues to grow within. Our daughter suffered horribly from the lack of a many doctors' concern of what was bothering her, as she was very proactive in seeking medical help. There is so much to be told - the many things that did go wrong but also the care that she received that went well.

Janessa was 23 years of age on her passing. To speak of her brings the tears and so much heartfelt love within me; we are truly blessed to have 23 wonderful years filled with her big love, kind hearted nature, great sense of humour and her beauty. She was loved by all including her family, her friends, co-workers and her wonderful boyfriend Andrew who stood by her through it all. Her hopes of getting married and having children were spoken of many times. Her dog Maxi, who she adored, was another love of her life. She is forever missed, loved and so fondly remembered to each of us every day.

The Ewings Cancer Foundation has been a great support to me. I thank Tina for her love, compassion and dedication. This foundation allows for hope that no other parent will have to go through what we have with the research that is now being done. This organization has now initiated the research that is needed to eradicate this cancer.