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My sweet angel Carly was only 14 years old when she lost her battle with Ewing sarcoma. She started to have pains in her right leg when she was 12 years old and we took her to the doctor several times to be told it was growing pains. She had flat feet and her one leg was longer than the other. It wasn't until one year later she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ewing sarcoma. It had spread to her lungs, vertebra, hips and shoulders.

She fell into the 10% category that her cancer was chemo resistant. There are no words to express the devastation when we heard there was no treatment. Ewing sarcoma has robbed a young girl of her youth and has taken my soul mate and daughter. But most of all she was taken from her sister who idolized her and they were best friends.

After Carly's passing I reached out to the Ewings Cancer Foundation to find out what we, as a grieving family, could do to prevent another family from going through this horrific experience. We have had several community fund raisers in hope to fund long overdue research to find a treatment for this cancer.

I can't help to think if this cancer was more known Carly would have had an earlier diagnosis and she would still be here with us.

-Cindy Hillis