The Next Chapter

Illustration is given freely by Jessie Ciccarelli.
Illustration is given freely by Jessie Ciccarelli

Reid Pernica was only 19 years old when he realized Ewing sarcoma would soon take his life. Shocked on how little was known about his disease at that time, he wanted only two things - available research and updated information for patients, families, medical professionals and indeed the world! Reid's mother, Tina, made a promise to her beloved son that she would do what she could to increase awareness and research. She could have never known the incredible journey awaiting.

The Pernica family formed this registered charitable organization and called it The Ewings Cancer Foundation of Canada in 2008. Car and airplanes were dispatched to the skies simultaneously for a spectacular urban scavenger hunt-themed fundraising event to be known as the Rally For The Cure! A partnership was formed with the C17 Research Network, a Canadian non-profit organization whose mission it is to improve the outcomes of children and youth with cancer and who would initiate and help fund study grants for Ewing sarcoma. Awareness and research had finally begun in Canada.

It's been 10 years since the inception of the Ewings Cancer Foundation of Canada. We are most proud of our accomplishments:

  • 7 Annual Rally For The Cure fundraisers.
  • 4 research grants from which 2 significant findings were identified.
  • An informational pamphlet called "What Do You Know".
  • A "Guide To Ewing Sarcoma" written for physicians by physicians.
  • And a full length professionally produced documentary called "Make It Stop" where we crossed Canada capturing the essence of Ewing sarcoma by patients, parents, friends, and health care professional and researchers.

Ewing sarcoma is finally under the microscope here in Canada and it took many hands and hearts to make it happen. We've appreciated your donations over the years with a special thanks to those who held fundraisers in our honour. We know the amount of dedication and energy required to host these events. Take pride in the knowledge you are part of the solution. Because of you 3rd Party Fundraisers and Supporters, together we can keep this fire going!

Our little army has completed its mandate. The time has come to pass the torch onto a bigger army, one with a larger arsenal, one who has the same ideals and commitment to finding better treatments and, one day, the cure for Ewing sarcoma. We could not be prouder.

On November 25, 2018, 11 years to the day since Reid left us, the ECFC will officially transition to the SickKids Foundation. They will carry on our work under the newly created Ewings Cancer Foundation of Canada Endowment Fund. We urge you to please continue to support Ewing sarcoma research in Canada.

As we turn this page to begin a new chapter know our hearts will forever beat for all who have been affected by Ewing sarcoma. We sincerely thank you for being part of our lives.

Your ECFC Team,
Tina, Bernie, Carolyn, Dana, Gail and Branden
Every End Has A New Beginning